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Financial planning

Do I need a financial planner?


You may start with a DIY approach but having a financial planner can help you when

  • You’re uncertain with your current finances
  • You don’t have time to research and plan your finances
  • You find it difficult to get up-to-date financial information
  • You find it difficult to plan for your financial goals

When to look for a financial planner

You’ll need expert help when

  • You need an in-depth assessment of your finances
  • You need unbiased financial advice
  • You’re making life-changing financial decisions
  • You need a cost estimate for your financial decisions

Plan your money stress-free with an expert

Estate planning

Create your life management system

Manage your goals such as marriage and raising children with an impartial financial system


Plan for a comfortable retirement early

Get a clear picture of your retirement goals and what you can do to meet those goals


Investing without the fear of losing money

Get a personalised plan to invest early effectively without losing your savings

Medical insurance

Stay protected with the right insurance and takaful

Find the right insurance and takaful plan based on your protection needs

Financial planning at your convenience

Personal finance for beginners

For individuals

Learn the personal and rational way to manage your money

Consult one of our Certified Financial Planners 1-to-1 to design a personalised financial plan for your financial goals

For companies

Empower your team to a money-smart future

Equip your team with the right tools to start living a financially successful life in a financial planning masterclass with our Certified Financial Planners

Money management

Giving impartial advice is our core value

Our financial planners are licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia so they’ll only act in your best interest

Looking to start planning yourself?

Get a head start on your DIY financial plan with our practical guides, tips, and easy-to-use tools

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